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Anna & Jay

Join us on a journey to witness the pure magic of love as we present this heartwarming wedding video of a beautiful couple from Tasmania who tied the knot in the idyllic setting of Port Douglas at the enchanting St. Mary's by the Sea chapel.
This intimate and emotional celebration captured the essence of their love story, as family and friends gathered to witness their union against the stunning backdrop of the sea.
From the moment they exchanged their vows to the joyous tears and laughter that filled the air, every moment of this wedding was brimming with love and emotion.
The breathtaking natural beauty of Port Douglas, coupled with the charming elegance of St. Mary's by the Sea, set the perfect stage for this unforgettable day.
Prepare to be swept away by the love, laughter, and heartfelt moments that made this Tasmanian love story one for the ages.

Nakaya & Elliot

Step into the enchanting world of Elliot and Nakaya as we unveil their stunning wedding, set at the base of the enigmatic Black Mountain in Far North Queensland, near Cooktown. This extraordinary event was a labor of love, where friends and nature came together to create a bush wedding surrounded by breathtaking beauty.
The backdrop for this remarkable day was none other than the mysterious Black Mountain, an awe-inspiring presence that added an air of intrigue to the celebration. Nature itself played a vital role in the love story of Elliot and Nakaya, with the rugged landscape echoing their unique bond.
This wedding was a true testament to the power of friendship and community. Elliot and Nakaya, with the help of their closest friends, embarked on the journey of constructing a wedding that would be etched in their hearts forever. From the rustic decor to the natural floral arrangements, every detail was infused with their love and dedication.
The guest list for this special occasion was filled with friends who were no strangers to this site, often frequenting it for music festivals. However, this time, it was different. It was a weekend dedicated to witnessing two souls uniting in love.

Kara & Cody

Enter the heartwarming love story of Kara and Cody, where family bonds run deep. As Kara's cousin, I had the privilege of flying down to Victoria to capture their special day at the picturesque Chapter Barn in the heart of the country. This breathtaking wedding venue perched atop rolling mountains offered an awe-inspiring view that stretched all the way to the vast, roaring Bass Strait.
Kara and Cody's wedding was more than a union of two souls; it was a testament to the enduring bonds of family and love. Surrounded by the love and support of their closest relatives and friends, their journey toward forever began against the backdrop of the stunning Victorian countryside.
The Chapter Barn, nestled among the rolling mountains, offered a truly remarkable setting. From its vantage point, guests were treated to a mesmerizing view that seemed to stretch infinitely, capturing the essence of both land and sea. It was as if heaven itself had touched this beautiful corner of Victoria.
Kara and Cody's wedding day was not just an event; it was a cherished memory that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. The stunning natural beauty of Victoria, combined with the warmth of family bonds, created an atmosphere of love, laughter, and unity.

Kristy & Adam

May 26th, 2023. Join us on this exceptional journey, set against the serene backdrop of Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas.
The Artistry of Marty and Shannon Behind the camera meticulously documented every cherished moment. From the intimate bridal preparations, where elegance and beauty took center stage, to the heartfelt first look that stirred emotions, their lens elegantly captured every detail, preserving the essence of love.
Love Illuminated by the Sunrise beneath the golden sun, Kristy and Adam embarked on a private sunrise photoshoot on Four Mile Beach. With the gentle sound of waves and the coastal breeze as their witnesses, the couple's love shone, illuminating the scene with an enduring romance. A Beachside Ceremony to Remember.
Joyful Celebrations at St. CrispinsThe celebration continued at the charming Cafe on St. Crispins for the reception. Laughter, joy, and heartfelt toasts filled the air, bearing witness to the profound love shared by the couple and creating memories that will be cherished for generations.